NP 12:30:12

Technical specification

NPK fertilizers are complex, highly effective combined fertilizers with chemically integrated macro and secondary nutrients in the grid of the granule. They are manufactured on the basis of monoammonium phosphate through neutralization of nitric and phosphoric acid and supplementary addition of potassium salts. After granulation they are covered by slowly soluble in water layer of magnesium oxide MgO and sulfur trioxide SO3, aimed at the exercise of control over the velocity of release of nutrients.

As compared to conventional fertilziers, fertilizers with multi-layer coverage of sulfur offer bigger flexibility in the determination of the scheme of action over various crops. The balanced contents of nutrients guarantee consecutive, effective separation of the needed quantities of nourishing ingredients, which should satisfy of full value the needs of the plants in each stage of their development. The use of NPK fertilizers guarantees maximal effectiveness of the funds input and provides balanced supply of nutrients of full value.

NPK fertilizers are stored in covered, cold and dry storehouse premises. Heating and mixing with water is undesirable. They are transported packaged or in bulk. Agropolychim AD offers NPK in packages of polythene and polypropylene, in bags of 50 kg and 500 kg.


As compared to the conventional fertilizers, along with the availability of the main and secondary nutrients, the advantages of the fertilizers with multilayer coverage of sulfur when applied in an appropriate scheme for feeding with a view to the specific kind of crop, type of soil, microclimate and so on are as follows:

  • Controlled release of nutrients;
  • Significant increase of the coefficient of use of nutrients;
  • Reduction of the losses from wash-out and lift-off of nutrients;
  • Possibility for accurate and controlled input of comparatively low norms of a certain element, which is attained with difficulty in parted fertililization;
  • Lower expenditures in single input into the soil — transportation, time and labor.

Technical characteristics

Composition Standards and norms
Contents of ammonia nitrogen min. 12,0 %
Contents of total Р2О5 min. 30,0 %
Contents of К2О (water-soluble) min. 12,0 %
Moisture max. 1,5 %
Granulometry: Fraction 2,0 – 4,0 mm min. 9 %
Fraction under 1,0 mm max. 1,5 %