NPK 5:15:10

Liquid combined fertilizer which is recommended for cereal-grain crops in their initial development. The higher contents of phosphorus contribute to the development of the root system. Applied during the autumn vegetation of the crops it helps the plant organism to accumulate sufficient assimilators needed for optimal spending the winter. Applied in spring at maize and other crops, it provides the crops with nutritional macro- и micro-elements. The product is appropriate for use in perennial plants as fruit trees, vineyards and vegetables. It may be applied both in leaves and in soil. It is compatible with preparations for plant protection.

Technical characteristics

Composition — NPK 5:15:10
Main nutrients: 5,0% N; 15,0% P₂O₅; 10,0% K₂O
Micro-elements: 0,01% B; 0,002% Cu; 0,02% Fe; 0,01% Mn; 0,001% Mo; 0,002% Zn