NPK 6:12:12

A product created for application in all the kinds of crops in each phase of their development. It is appropriate for treatment of oil seed crops in the initial phases of development contributing to overcoming the stress from the atmospheric conditions and the treatment of the crops with preparations for plant protection. In its formula the liquid combined fertilizer  also contains a complex of micro-elements, connected in a chelated form, which would provide the plants with easily accessible forms of nutrients at the exact time of their development. The product is appropriate for use in perennial plants as fruit trees, vineyards and vegetables. It may be applied both in leaves and in soil. It is compatible with preparations for plant protection.

Technical characteristics

Composition — NPK 6:12:12
Main nutrients: 6,0% N; 12,0% P₂O₅; 12,0% K₂O
Micro-elements: 0,01% B; 0,002% Cu; 0,02% Fe; 0,01% Mn; 0,001% Mo; 0,002% Zn