PK 16:16

An innovative product containing only two nutritional elements – phosphorus and potassium. It makes it very suitable for pre-sowing and vegetative input in all the kinds of plants. It combines very well with liquid nitrogen fertilizer in programs for fertilization of cereal-grain, oil and technical crops. Under adverse soil conditions РК 16:16 contributes to the prevention of the deficit of easily digestible by the plants phosphorus and potassium. It is appropriate for all the crops. It may be applied both for leaves and for soil. It is applied pre-sowing or during autumn tillering for wheat. It is applied after rooting, during mass blossoming and at the beginning of fructification for vegetable crops. It is compatible with preparations for plant protection.

Technical characteristics

PARAMETER NORM Harmonized analytical standard
Total Phosphorous pentaoxide (Р2О5), % 16,0 ± 1.5 BDS EN 15956;  BDS EN 15959
Phosphorous pentaoxide (Р2О5), soluble in water, % 16,0 ± 1.5 BDS EN 15958 ; BDS EN 15959
Potassium (К2О), soluble in water, % 16,0 ± 1.5 BDS EN 15477