Agropolychim AD renders assistance to the agricultural manufacturers offering optimal solutions for the maintenance of the agriculture

The intensive agriculture assumes the use of substantial volume and various in contents mineral fertilizers. The contents of the macronutrient elements in each of the products determine not only their price, but most of all they are reflected over their efficiency in feeding the crops.

Unbalanced fertilization for a continuous time period results in a negative change of the environment which the plants are developed in, and in a change of the microclimate in the soil with regard to the microorganisms. The exercise of control over losses is overcome through programs for precise fertilization which are implemented on the basis of a planned production and made agrochemical analyses of the soils where the fertilizers will be applied.

Agropolychim aims at assisting the agricultural manufacturers offering optimal solutions for the agriculture, not only through its wide product range but also through the development of complete technologies and programs for fertilization taking in consideration the individual requirements of your agricultural activities.

Agroplychim AD has the following annual production capacity:

  • Ammonium nitrate – 400,000 Mt or Urea Ammonium Nitrate – 800,000 Mt.
  • Mono/Diammonium phosphate – 300,000 Mt or Triple superphosphate – 330,000 Mt.

Further to its own production annually the Company provides from its partners – manufacturers about 300,000 Mt of nitrogen and phosphorus, mono/di-component and complex fertilizers to cover the needs of its clients on the domestic and the regional markets.