Liquid product

Technical specification

Nitric acid 56–62%

In industrial use it is applied as an interim product, in formulation of mixtures, distribution, a cleaning product, in the treatment of the surface of metals / plastics, as process auxiliary substances (a reactive agent in synthesis), in the processing of surfaces, regeneration of ion exchange resins, as a laboratory substance.

In professional use it is applied for distribution, dilution or suspension of fertilizers, a cleaning product, treatment of metal surfaces, a рН-regulator, in laboratory chemicals, as a reagent for surface corrosion of concrete.

Common technical functions: An interim product, a regulator of рН, a cleaning product.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Unit Standard Norm Result
Appearance BDS 1357 Transparent yellowish liquid
Concentration % mass BDS 1357 N.A. 55 - 57 (65)
Density, 200С kg/m3 N.A. 1339-1345
Residue of ignition % BDS 1357 <0,04
Sludge BDS 1357 not allowed