Safety, Health And Environment Policy


The success of our company is determined by our commitment to constantly improve the quality of the products and services we offer. In all aspects of our business we are committed to responsibility and care for people and environment:

To protect the health of our employees:

  • We strive to be an organization without occupational diseases, serious accidents, injuries and other incidents by organized preventive management;
  • We control the risk factors of the working environment and organize events for monitoring and protection;
  • We provide personal protective equipment for all employees in accordance with the level of risk in the performance of their working activities;
  • We commit ourselves to periodic monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the health of our employees with regard to working conditions.

To ensure safe operation:

  • We implement the best available techniques in all stages of production and strive to continuously improve the safety requirements at all organizational levels;
  • We provide modernization of production facilities and technical infrastructure and carry out automated production processes management;
  • We carry out permanent control over the working conditions and show zero tolerance for failure to comply with the requirements for safety and health at work.

To ensure safety repairs and maintenance:

  • We seek to engage all external organizations involved in the repair and maintenance with the for safety, health and environment policies and rules;
  • We do not allow compromise with the quality of the repair and maintenance activities;
  • We carry out continuous monitoring to prevent fires and emergency situations;
  • Create a strict organization for carrying out planned and emergency repairs without obstruction and delay of production processes and other activities on site.

To protect the environment:

  • We strive for efficient use of water, energy and natural resources and reducing losses through modernization of production and continued strict control;
  • We are responsible for reducing the level of emissions by using efficient wastewater treatment facilities that meet modern level of development of science and technology;
  • We take the aims of gradually reducing the amount of waste generated from operations through commitment of all our employees, partners and customers;
  • We exercise continuous control over the activities on the site in order to avoid contamination and to comply with the requirements for environmental protection.

To commitment to the welfare of our partners, clients, shareholders, neighboring operators and society:

  • We are responsible in our own activities and engage our partners and clients with compliance with the company policies and implementation of individual and collective objectives in safety, health and environmental protection for the entire lifecycle of our products;
  • We recognize adverse events (accidents, incidents, occupational accidents, gaps) as a challenge to continuously make improvements in favour of the organization and the society as a whole;
  • We measure and evaluate the results achieved by using adequate indicators and we strive for continuous improvement of the goals we have set;
  • We are open to dialogue with the public and neighboring operators to achieve sustainable development in the region.

All employees of AGROPOLYCHIM AD and all our partners carrying out activities at the production site have a responsibility to respect the principles and requirements for safety, health and environmental protection. The joint personal commitment of every employee and the Management will contribute to achieving our main objective – to produce quality products responsibly and with care for people and the environment.