Agropolychim AD invests in modernization and improvement of its technology as a precondition for high-quality production.

The investment program of Agropolychim AD covers all the aspects of the activities of the Company: 


Commissioning of highly effective installations for treatment of waste waters, emissions in the air and wastes and monitoring systems aimed at full compliance of the ecological requirements of the EU and the Republic of Bulgaria. Projects at the total value of EUR 36,000,000 have been implemented.

Indsutrial safety

Industrial risk control systems, early announcement and prevention of emergencies with potential hazard for the persons working in the Company and the population from the populated areas located in the proximity. Projects at the total value of EUR 1,800,000 have been implemented

Working conditions

Improvement of the working conditions of the persons working in the Company. Projects at the total value of EUR 5,400,000 have been implemented.


Investments in new facilities and modernization of the production technologies in compliance with the best available technologies. Projects at the total value of EUR 82,000,000 have been implemented.


Introduction of the latest generation of production process management and control systems. Projects at the total value of EUR 7,500,000 have been implemented.


Building up of modern warehouse and logistic network for processing, storage, packing and transportation of raw materials, by-products and final products. Projects at the total value of EUR 41,500,000 have been implemented.

Energy efficiency

Installation of highly effective facilities with low energy consumption. Projects at the total value of EUR 32,800,000 have been implemented.

Administration of the activities

Introduction of systems with highly technological hardware and software for effective corporate management. Projects at the total value of EUR 1,500,000 have been implemented.

The results of realized investments are indicative of their efficiency:

  • Increased production by over 40%
  • Reduction of the technological and unforeseen idle time of the installations by over 300%
  • Reduction of technological losses
  • Increase of the possibilities for handling and shipment of production by over 60%
  • Reduction of the total consumption of energy
  • Non-admission of pollution to the environment
  • Non-admission of serious employee accidents

At present we work in conformity with our new 5-year investment program at the value of over EUR 50,000,000.