Liquid combined fertilizers Series Fast+ for Perennial plants

Fast+ for perennial plants is liquid combined fertilizer appropriate for all the kinds of fruit trees and vineyards. It contains a high set of micro-elements. In vineyards it is applied in phase pea grain and in fruit trees – prior to (with well formed leaf mass) or after blossoming (but not during blossoming) and during growth of the fruits. Its application guarantees healthier plants and yield of higher quality. It is compatible with preparations for plant protection.

Technical characteristics

Composition — Perennial plants
Main nutrients: 2,0% N; 3,0% K₂O
Micro-elements: 2,0% MgO; 2,7% SO₃; 0,1% B; 2,0% Cu; 0,1% Fe; 0,1% Mn; 0,005% Mo; 0,1% Zn