The products of Agropolychim AD fully satisfy the world and national quality standards.

The Central Testing Laboratory to Agropolychim AD exercises complete monitoring over the quality of the raw materials and of the final products.
It is accredited by Executive Agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service to conduct tests of:

  • Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers – ammonium nitrate, urea (technical), Urea Ammonium Nitrate – UAN, potassium fertilizers, phosphorus granular fertilizers, complex mineral fertilizers NP and NPK
  • Acids – diluted technical nitric acid, technical sulfur acid and oleum, technical phosphoric acid
  • Sulfur – technical
  • Waters
  • Emissions of hazardous substances emitted in the ambient air from immobile sources – nitrogen oxides, ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, dust, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen
  • Characteristics of gas flow

Accreditation Certificate of the Central Testing Laboratory of Agropolychim AD by the Executive Agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service.

The Central Testing Laboratory exercises quality control beyond the scope of accreditation of:

  • Phosphorus containing raw materials – apatite, phosphorites
  • Ammonia – liquid
  • Oils – turbine oils, gear oils, hydraulic transformer oils, oils with antioxidant graft
  • Chemically purified waters