Liquid combined fertilizers Series Fast+ for Cereal-grain crops

Fast+ for cereal-grain crops is a complex of main macro-nutritional elements nitrogen and potassium, as well as an increased quantity of magnesium. This combination of active substances applied during vegetation of the crops from this group satisfies the need of magnesium, which on its part results in the enhancement of the blossoming and increases the fertility of the plants. In combination with this the micro-nutritional elements in the fertilizer increase the catalytic processes in the plant organism and enhance its vital functions which results in obtaining optimal and of quality yields. It is compatible with preparations for plant protection.

Technical characteristics

Composition — Cereal-grain crops
Main crops: 3,0% N; 3,0% K₂O
Micro-elements: 3,0% MgO; 4,14% SO₃; 0,1% B; 0,1% Cu; 0,1% Fe; 0,1% Mn; 0,005% Mo; 1,0% Zn