Liquid combined fertilizers Series Fast+ for Oil seed crops

Fast+ for oil seed crops combines in itself optimal quantity of magnesium and nitrogen as well as an increased quantity of boron – needed for this group of plants. Nitrogen and magnesium contribute to the normal course of the processes for formation of the blossom and its fertility. Boron contributes to the increase of the fat content and obtaining higher quality indicators in oil seed crops and it is also responsible for a number of processes in the plant organism. In combination with a complex of nutritional micro-elements applied during vegetation prior to the blossoming of the plants, the product increases the optimal performance of all the functions in the plants. It is compatible with preparations for plant protection.

Technical characteristics

Composition — Oil seed crops
Main nutrients: 4,0% N
Micro-elements: 10,0% B; 0,01% Cu; 0,01% Mn; 0,01% Mo; 0,01% Zn