Liquid product

Technical specification

Phosphoric acid 39–54%

In industrial use it is applied as an interim product in the synthesis of chemical products, at the formulation of mixtures, inclusive of packing and distribution, at the treatment of the surface of metals, as an acid cleaning agent, as a process auxiliary substance in the chemical industry (inclusive of with laboratory application).

Technical characteristics

Parameter Unit Standard Norm Result
Appearance N.A. Greenish liquid
Contents of Р2О5 (concentration) % BDS 10610/2-92 ~ 51,0 - 54,0
Contents of sulfuric acid (as SO3) % BDS 10610/5 ~ 2,3
Contents of fluorine (F) % BDS 10610/6 ≤ 1,8 ~ 1,3
Contents of suspended particles % BDS 10610/7 ≤ 3,0 ~ 1,3