Agropolychim AD is a leading manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers in Southeastern Europe and a leader in the manufacture of phosphorus fertilizers on the Balkan Peninsula.

Agropolychim AD is located in Northeastern Bulgaria, the industrial zone of the town of Devnya and borders on the port of Varna – West.

Agropolychim AD was incorporated in 1974 as a state-owned enterprise and in 1999 the Bulgarian Privatization Agency sold 63% of the capital of the Company. In 2024 Agropolychim AD is a completely private company with Bulgarian and Belgian shareholding interest.

Nowadays, Agropolychim AD is a leading producer of nitrogen, phosphorus and combined fertilizers with an evolving product nomenclature able to meet the growing needs of innovative farmers regarding the efficiency and quality.

As an employer, the company has been a long-standing choice for over 1000 employees.