Liquid product

Technical specification

Ammonia, liquid 99,99%

It is used as an interim product in the production of nitric acid, alkalines, paints, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, vitamins, synthetic textile fibers and plastics. An auxiliary agent in process and non-process substances, for instance in photochemical processes, cooling systems, isolation products, inks and toners, coatings, thinners and chemicals for paint removal. It may be applied as a process auxiliary substance in chemical industry as an extracting agent in reduction of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, a process auxiliary substance in fertilization, a neutralizing agent, textile paints, washing preparations and detergents as well as in processing of textiles.

It is used as a laboratory chemical, as a cooling element in cooling systems, as a chemical for the treatment of water, as a fertilizer, as a thinner or a chemical for cleaning coatings and paints and as a photochemical. It is also used as a detergent, as a product for surface treatment of leather and another material, a рН-regulator or a neutralizing agent and as a process auxiliary substance for fertilization.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Unit Standard Norm Result
Contents of ammonia % mass BDS 1420-88, it.3.1 ≥ 99.20 ~ 99.90
Contents of water % mass BDS 1420-88, т.3.2 ≤ 0.8 ~ 0.1