Due to the developing technologies for precise feeding of agricultural crops in Bulgaria, which are due to the application of liquid fertilizers, the need of the development of liquid combined fertilizer NP with high contents of phosphorus, which should supplement in full the technologies for fertilization through liquid fertilizers, was enhanced.

Phosphorus is a mineral element and in a liquid state it may be presented only in the form of phosphoric acid. We combined it with nitrogen to obtain the ideal product for liquid fertilization with phosphorus. The new liquid combined fertilizer NP 6:21 is an innovative product, unique of its kind. It contains two main nutritional elements – nitrogen and phosphorus.


Liquid combined fertilizer NP is applicable in all the crops which need these elements. The application itself may be made through sprayers and specialized applicators for liquid fertilizers which may be assembled on drills, roundabout cultivators and another kind of soil prоcessing equipment.

Further to soil application as main fertilization the product may also be input during vegetation, again through a sprayer with nozzles for liquid fertilizers and the period of input should obligatorily be conformed to the crop and the climatic conditions.


  • The product combines all the positive qualities of the liquid fertilizers expressed in minimal losses of active substance
  • Precise application in various kinds of agricultural crops,
  • Excellent distribution over the areas,
  • Crystal clear product which does not clog up nozzles and irrigation systems and may be used as a product for main feeding of the plants with phosphorus as well as for vegetative feeding.

Technical characteristics

PARAMETER NORM Harmonized analytical standard
Total Nitrogen (N), % 6,0 ± 1,5 BDS EN 15750
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N), % 6,0 ± 1,5 BDS EN 15604;  BDS EN 15475
Total Phosphorоus pentaoxide (Р2О5), % 21,0 ± 1.5 BDS EN 15956; BDS EN 15959
Phosphorous pentaoxide (Р2О5), soluble in water, % 21,0 ± 1.5 BDS EN 15958;  BDS EN 15959