NPK 10:10:10

It is appropriate for application in the initial phases of the development of all the plants. Owing to its balanced form this fertilizer contributes to the assimilation of the nutritional elements promptly after treatment, without losses of active substance. It may be applied both in leaves and in soil. The fertilizing norms are determined by the specific crop and its needs of nutrients. The contents of a complex of micro-elements, connected in a chelated form, assume the provision of the plants with the nutrients needed by them and enhancement of the catalytic processes in the plant organism. The product is appropriate for use in perennial plants as fruit trees, vineyards and vegetables. It is compatible with preparations for plant protection.

Technical characteristics

Composition — NPK 10:10:10
Main nutrients: 10,0% N; 10,0% P₂O₅; 10,0% K₂O
Micro-elements: 0,01% B; 0,002% Cu; 0,02% Fe; 0,01% Mn; 0,001% Mo; 0,002% Zn