Liquid product

Technical specification

Silicofluoric acid 18–22%

It is used in mixing, preparation or repackaging, as an interim product in the synthesis of chemicals, as a process auxiliary means for cleaning and disinfection. It is also applied in water fluorination, the treatment of the surfaces of metals, production of basic metals, acid decomposition of minerals, professional cleaning and disinfection as well as a laboratory chemical.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Unit Standard Norm Result
Appearance N.A. Greenish liquid
Concentration % EN 12175/2006 н.а. 9,0 - 10,0
Contents of phosphates (as P2O5) % EN 12175/2006 ~ 0,12
Contents of free hydrogen fluoride (HF) % EN 12175/2006 ~ 0,35
Contents of arsenic (As) mg/kg EN 12175/2006 ~ 24
Contents of cadmium (Cd) mg/kg EN 12175/2006 ~ 40
Contents of chromium (Сr) mg/kg EN 12175/2006 ~ 300
Contents of plumbum (Pb) mg/kg EN 12175/2006 ~ 100
Contents of nickel (Ni) mg/kg EN 12175/2006 ~ 100