The quality of the products produced by Agropolychim AD is well-known in Bulgaria and around the world.

The geographical location, broad product nomenclature and capacity of production position Agropolychim on one hand as a provider on the Bulgarian and regional markets of the Balkan Peninsula, Central and Eastern Europe and on the other hand as supplier on the international market in Western Europe, the Middle East, North and South America.

The realization of the products on the domestic market is made by the trade representative and subsidiary of Agropolychim AD – Afer Bulgaria EOOD.

The commercial activity be logistically carried out through two main bases which are located in Devnya and Stara Zagora. We have storehouse areas for over 150 thousand tons of bulk product, 30 thousand tons of packaged product and 50 thousand tons of liquid product with total capacity of packing and loading from 4 to 5 thousand tons per 24 hours depending on type of product and packaging.

The Company works in continuous cooperation with the biggest world trading houses and branch associations, manufacturers of raw materials and final products, state agencies, local distributors and end users located in the relevant country of supply or purchase. The annual sales of various kinds of fertilizers exceed 1 000 000 mt.