Agrocenter is now open for clients on the premisses of Agropolychim AD

In March, on the premisses of Agropolychim AD, Agrocenter will be open for clients, with new appearance, and everyone will be able to purchase on the spot the product they need, choosing from the production list of Afer Bulgaria EOOD.

All agricultural growers may contact the Department of Agrochemistry and Soil Studies at Afer Bulgaria EOOD if they seek cooperation for drawing up fertilization programmes, techniques for introducing various types of fertilizer, overall techniques for growing crops and other services, related to plant-growing.

Two new series of liquid fertilizers – FAST and FAST+ will be released together with the opening of the Agrocenter. The liquid fertilizers will fully meet the need for basic and vegetative nutrition of the common filed crops, permanent crops and the vegetable plants. The products in FAST and FAST+ series will be offered in packages of 3, 5 and 10 litres.

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