AGROPOLYCHIM involvement with young people

A conference was held by UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria on 30.01.2018 at the Europe’s Home Building in the city of Sofia, to present the National Action Plan for Pact for Youth, focused mainly on cooperation between the business, the educational institutions and the local authorities in order to develop the market-demanded skills for young people and to guarantee successful business through successful realization of the youth.

The event was attended by many companies from Bulgaria, universities, schools, non-governmental organizations involved in the idea of a better future for young people in Bulgaria. A special guest of the conference was Mr. Jacques Spelkens, CSR Europe, who confirmed that the challenges related to education and the realization of young people in Bulgaria are very close to those in the European Union and in many respects Bulgaria is a good example of successful projects in this regard.

The project regarding the professional classes at the Secondary General Education School ‘Vasil Levski’ in the town of Devnya was presented in a special panel as a good example of team work between business, education and the local authority.

The team which presented the professional classes in front of the audience consisted of representatives of the three sponsors: Agropolychim, Devnya Cement, and Solvay Sodi, the Deputy Principal of Secondary General Education School ‘Vasil Levski’, Mrs. Radkova and the mayor of Devnya municipality Mr. Svilen Shitov, who was greeted wholeheartedly as the only local authority representative at the forum, involved with young people.

In front of selected guests from the whole country, the companies from Devnya spoke about the idea and the beginning of the project, initiated by Devnya Cement and implemented with the help and proactive participation of Agropolychim, Solvay Sodi, Devnya municipality and Secondary General Education School ‘Vasil Levski’. Also presented were the future plans regarding the continuous support for both specialized classes, as well as for the opening of a new class, starting 2018/2019 – with specialization in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Shitov also clarified the importance of sustainable partnership between the business and the local authorities, as well as the participation of the young citizens of the town of Devnya and their teachers in popular training programmes and practices.

The mayor of Devnya municipality also said that he was happy that the business was the one to propose the creation of these professional classes – something that had been a tradition in Devnya in the past; and he also added he would gladly support this initiative in future.

Agropolychim, Devnya Cement and Solvay Sodi also confirmed their involvement in giving the opportunity to students from both professional classes to visit the plants and to get to know the specialists in the professional environment, for which they are being trained.

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