Agropolychim with an award for Best New Product for 2020

Agropolychim AD was awarded with the prestigious award “Best New Product” for 2020 at the ceremony “Agribusinessman of Bulgaria”, held on 02.11.2020 in Sofia.
At the 30th anniversary edition of the event, the award on behalf of the company was given to Georgi Popchev, regional agronomist-consultant of Southern Bulgaria.

“We are extremely happy and proud to earn this award. This is a kind of assessment of our work and dedication to customers and their needs. We are motivated to continue working towards the creation and validation of products that ensure maximum success in implementation. Thank you for your trust! ”- commented Mr. Philip Rombaut, CEO of the company.

The “Best New Product” award was given for the development of the product NP 18: 38 + 5S + 0.3Zn, which increases the yield by an average of 1.5 times compared to the tests performed.

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