Condition of winter crops and the need for spring fertilization

During the agricultural year 2015/2016 in cooperation with Rapool, Agropolychim experimented with common wheat, where nitrogen fertilization has been done entirely with liquid nitrogen fertilizer UAN, After an examination of the experimental field in the region of Varna city, it was found out that the crop had successfully endured the winter and no visible damage is observed from the unfavourable climate conditions. The wheat reacts well, showing properly developed crops that do not lack nutritious elements. At the end of the activity the results will be published by Rapool.


The use of liquid nitrogen fertilizer for spring nutrition of the winter-spring crops is the best way to properly provide the necessary active substance. When introduced in the right amount and in the right moment, the fertilizer provides a positive impact on crops.

To make things easier for its clients, Agropolychim AD decided to purchase plastic tanks, each having a capacity of 5000 litres, that the company could provide to its clients, who would wish to use liquid nitrogen fertilizer (UAN).

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