Eng. Pavel Dimitrov from Agropolychim: “The dynamics of the working day keeps me alert and enthusiastic about the next technical case”


If I weren’t an engineer, I would be extremely unhappy.

If we can put a sign of equality between work and hobby, and the profession exceeds our expectations, then we are inevitably one of those lucky people who can boldly say that they have realized their childhood dream. Just like today’s guest in our column “If (I) wasn’t an engineer -” – eng. Pavel Dimitrov from the company Rimakem EOOD, part of Agropolichim AD. With enviable enthusiasm, the young engineer embarks on the vast world of automation on a daily basis, meeting every next professional challenge with full readiness. Get acquainted with Eng. Dimitrov and his professional activity in the following lines…


Hello! Introduce yourself to the readers of
Hello, my name is Pavel Dimitrov. I am 28 years old and I hold the position of Automation Engineer at Rimakem EOOD. The company is a subsidiary of Agropolichim AD and its main activity is to provide service to the technological units in the production lines of the plant. I have been in the company for almost five years, and in this position for three. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Automation in 2016, I started as an “Electrician of Production Automation”. At the moment I have a master’s degree, specialty “Management Technology” from the Technical University – Varna.

Why did I choose to be an engineer? Coincidence or a child’s dream?
I chose to be an engineer because I love to create, I love to create, I feel really satisfied when my intellectual work becomes physical. As a kid, I said I wanted to be a constructor, I guess, because I didn’t know the word “engineer” then. In this line of thought, it can be said that I have realized my childhood dream.

What do I do during the working day?
I dare say I struggle with entropy every day. I ensure the safe and normal operation of control and field automation devices in all technological units of the plant, and the dynamics of the working day keeps me alert and always enthusiastic about the next technical case. In Rimakem Ltd. I have the privilege to participate in the implementation of new projects and each one is a challenge for me. The scale of the projects is very large and in most cases exceeds its conceptual design due to the imposed safety requirements, the high degree of automation and the flexibility of the system with the possibility of upgrading in the future. The challenges are also caused by the diverse equipment and the specifics of each facility, as we work with leading manufacturers from Europe, North America and Asia.

The technique I use in most cases is the latest on the market. Sometimes I manage to get hold of prototypes and things that are just coming out, depending on how kind our partners are to present us with “secrets from the kitchen”. As a result, I have the opportunity to work with people from different fields of industry. I like to say that I understand machines better, but in fact I appreciate good specialists and try to get as much as possible from their knowledge and experience.

Does this meet the expectations I had as a student?
It surpasses them in many respects… The scale of automation is colossal, and the changes it imposes are inevitable. I was lucky enough to come across exceptional teachers who opened up a new world of opportunities and challenges for me, but the ideas that sowed in my head were much more modest than what awaited me in the factory.

What do I want to achieve in my work? What is my boldest professional dream?
Every engineer strives to be efficient in his work and I am no exception. Regarding my boldest professional dream… I haven’t graduated them, but I would definitely like to do research.

If I wasn’t an engineer, I would be…

Extremely unhappy… Joke aside, I would not put up with anything else in this regard.

How does working as an engineer develop me as a person?
It makes me much more responsible to others, develops my creativity and analytical thinking. I would also say that it helps me deal with stressful situations and make quick and adequate decisions.

How do I create a balance between work and personal life?
At this stage in my life, I didn’t have to think about it due to the fact that I didn’t feel pressured by my work personally. I love what I do, and I don’t plan to slow down any time soon.

Do I have a hobby? What is it? Is it also related to technology and how does being an engineer help me?
I can safely say that I am a tech geek, my life would not be the same without all the accompanying smart devices. I would say that rather the hobby helps me in my work. It has always been difficult for me to distinguish between the two concepts. Apart from the technique, I like to spend my free time with good fiction, good music and valuable cinema.

Source of the photo material: personal archive of eng. Pavel Dimitrov

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