Eng. Stratsimir Dimov from Agropolychim: “I am not satisfied only with what I know and can do so far – I like to improve”


“Doing things that excite you is an important condition if you want to be not only a successful professional, but also a happy person.”

When your profession requires you to take responsibility for the people in your team and for the smooth operation of the technical equipment, then strict principles and ethical rules inevitably become a priority in everyday work. But each challenge multiplies its constructive nature when it meets the power of motivation, the desire to improve and the unity of team spirit. This is the basis of the professional life of Eng. Stratsimir Dimov – a technologist in the company Rimakem EOOD, part of Agropolychim AD, with whom we meet you into the section “One working day of…”. See what else the young specialist told about the readers of Инженер.bg…

Hello! What is your name and what position do you take?
Hello, my name is Stratsimir Petrov Dimov and I work as a technologist in Rimakem EOOD – a subsidiary of the leading producer of nitrogen fertilizers in Southeast Europe and a leader in the production of phosphorus fertilizers on the Balkan Peninsula Agropolychim AD. The activity of Rimakem is related to quality service of the equipment, installations and machines in the companies of Agropolychim AD.

How long have you been working for the company?
I entered Rimakem in 2013 as an intern to conduct my student internship, and immediately after graduating from the Technical University – Varna I started working in the company as a technologist.

What is your education?
In 2017 I graduated in a master’s program in “Chemical Engineering” at the Technical University – Varna. In 2018 I also obtained a master’s degree in “Technology of Inorganic Substances” at the University “Prof. Dr. A. Zlatarov ”- Burgas, so that I can keep up with both repair and specifics of the production of the main products of Agropolychim AD.

How does your work day start?
With a meeting. It is assigning specific tasks and instructions to each member of the team, with an emphasis on safety measures. For each assigned task, explanations are given for its realization. It is extremely important to ensure the safety of the team, which is an uneasy responsibility when it comes to specific chemical production. It is mandatory to wear personal protective equipment – they are the basis of protecting the life and health of the team.

What are the main tasks and activities that you perform daily?
In my daily work I am responsible for planning the maintenance of the equipment and machines in the plant. I coordinate and assist in the work of various teams. The guiding principles in my daily work are responsibility, precision, professional knowledge, skills, and of course the general ones: desire to work, development and willingness to learn new things every day in the field of technology and the fine points of the production process.

Why are these activities important for the company?
In our industry, they are important because chemical production is a continuous process. In order for it to pass smoothly, a lot of money is invested in the purchase of new equipment, however, great investments are being made in raising the staff qualification. Each member of the team is important, as each position contributes to the development and prosperity of Agropolychim AD.

Given that we work with machines and equipment, it is normal for problems to arise with them. In these situations, a quick response is needed on our part to continue the production process.

What are your responsibilities?
As a technologist, I am responsible for the observance of the production technology and the operation of the equipping, tools, equipment and all their devices. Also, my responsibilities are related to quality adjustment, readjustment, equipment repair, as well as compliance with technological discipline.

Do you lead other people? If yes – how many? What are the relationships in your team?
Yes, I lead 35 people. In my opinion, teamwork is mostly based on cooperation and joint implementation of projects and tasks. Sharing the same goal turns a separate group of people into a team. Without a sense of understanding, trust, continuity and commitment to the common goal, people not only work ineffectively, but they are not a team.

Success in our industry is related to work ethics. In order to function and succeed, each team must have its own norms and rules to follow – something like a “code of ethics” or “rules of honor.” They must be easy to understand, never changed and valid for everyone on the team. In the absence of rules, people create their own.

Why do you like your job and the position you take?
Doing interesting things that excite you is an important condition if you want to find a field that will give you a chance to be not only a successful professional, but also a happy person. Without the spark of curiosity and passion we put into our hobbies and hobbies, we are just performers.

What are the difficulties and challenges in your business?
The work is related to parallel actions on different tasks and projects. In this sense, one of the challenges is to stay focused on all of them in the long run and to maintain the motivation of all participants in the process. The challenge for me is to plan and organize my own time, to prioritize my tasks so that they lead most directly to achieving the expected results.

What do you say to yourself at the end of the working day?
We all have a motto that guides us in our daily experiences. We have heard and read inspiring and wise words that provoke us to act, to be a little better, to love ourselves and to live our lives to the fullest.

At the end of the day, I tell myself that everyone needs to develop and experiment. Personally, I am never satisfied with just what I know and can do so far. I like to learn new things and improve.

Source of the photo material: Agropolychim, personal archive of Stratsimir Dimov

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