Interview with Desislava Ivanova – Expert “Selection and training of the staff” and Stela Hristova – “Planning, analysis and control of internal logistics” manager in the new issue of “Careers” magazine

In the new issue of the ‘Karieri’ magazine, Desislava Ivanova – ‘Selection and staff training’ expert at Agropolychim AD and Stela Hristova – ‘Planning, analysis and control of internal logistics’ manager, appointed in Agropolychim AD in June 2020.

Desislava Ivanova – ‘Selection and staff training’ expert talks about how the selection process has changed during COVID – 19:

‘The high level of profesionalism of the teams who take part in the selection of the new employees, the respect they show to candidates and the atmosphere they create for them to feel comfortable presenting themselves in the best way possible are the principles of the company selections and it’s reputation. These principles are still valid during the new conditions of pandemic along with providing a sense of security and safety for the applicants.’

When asked what were her first impressions when she started working in the company, Stela Hristova – ‘Planning, analysis and control of intenral logistics’ manager answers:

‘One of the first processes I got acquainted with was the occupational safety training. This is the first time I attended such a detailed safety instructions and it made and extremely good impression on me. Given that I had not visited the plant before, the dimensions of the production area was the next thing that impressed me. Last but not least – a pleasant welcome from the team. The first days in a company are very important for building an employee relationship. When you meet colleagues who take time to introduce you to the process and who give you enough time and attention to answer your questions, you adaptation to the new job goes smoothly and quickly.’

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