Precise lossless nitrogen fertilization

After completion of the harvesting campaign, preparation and distribution of areas for the new autumn campaign begins. The nitrogen fertilization of winter-spring crops is an important step and choosing the most suitable nitrogen fertilizer for these areas should not be neglected.

Regardless of the technology of cultivation of various crops adopted by farmers, liquid nitrogen fertilizer is applicable to each of them. Its use can begin immediately after harvest on plant residues, both for barley and wheat and for corn and sunflower. This assists their faster decomposition and the better absorption on the fertilizer itself. Another positive aspect is the increase in organic matter in the soil by activating the microorganisms that decompose plant mass.

Basic nitrogen nutrition with liquid nitrogen fertilizer has a number of advantages over the conventional method of fertilization. The first aspect is even distribution over the area. Applied through a sprinkler in a concentrated form, without being mixed with water on the soil, it completely covers the soil, connects instantly with soil particles and starts working. There are no vapors of the active substance into the atmosphere due to the fact that in the very formula of liquid nitrogen fertilizer contains 20% water, which prevents evaporation, and if any happens, it is of water only.

Experience from last year shows very good results in wheat, barley and rapeseed during the autumn growing season. Crops compared with those fertilized by conventional fertilizers evidently look better, they are greener and thrive. This period – before wintering of crops – is of the utmost importance and greatly affects yields.

Fertilizer norms with liquid nitrogen fertilizer are done on the basis of active substance needed for a given crop for normal development in the early stages, as for the beginning of wintering for the different regions, soil types and crops, another feeding in the tillering stage of wheat, for example, is recommended.

The Agrochemistry and Soil Science Department in Agropolychim develops technologies for fertilizing all kinds of crops with liquid nitrogen fertilizer, as well as with granular fertilizers, taking into consideration all factors affecting absorption of fertilizers in different plants.

For the new season, Agropolychim AD will present an integrated proposal for purchasing, logistics, storage and application of liquid nitrogen fertilizer, which aims to help farmers in their choice of the most suitable product for their crops.

The proposal covers three main elements that make up the process to the actual fertilizer application:

I- Logistics – The product can be transported and stored in all types of reservoirs from stainless steel or artificial platic material that are in working order. Liquid nitrigen fertilizer is resistant to storage at temperatures below -10 ° C, as even after crystallization, it restores its state without change in properties and loss of active substance. It is not flammable, explosive or toxic.

At their owe xpense, Agropolychim AD assist the delivery process by building a logistics network for storage in the country, which consists of multiple storage containers with different capacity. Containers can be deployed both on-site with the customer – the so called consumption point, and at intermediate points – supply points.

Storage reservoirs are of various types and capacities: – solid containers between 1 m³ and 20 m³; – or “soft” (flex reservoirs) with capacity up to 300 m³. The network is secured by regular deliveries of the product by auto-tanks with a capacity of 20 m³ (25 tonnes), and in case of emergency need, delivery is done within 24 hours. Supply points are with a capacity of 500 m³ each. Consumption points are with a capacity customized to the requirements of the customer – from 1 m³ to 300 m³.

Choosing the right configuration is done according to the order and the needs of the customer, as facilities for loading and unloading (pumps) and storage (tanks, flex reservoirs) are installed at the expense of Agropolychim AD without any further commitment from the consumers for their use.

On the basis of consumption and at customer’s request, Agropolychim AD transfer gratuitously the ownership of the equipment to the customer upon purchase of liquid nitrogen fertilizer (UAN) for a period of 9 months.

II- Price – The price of liquid nitrogen fertilizer (UAN) is formed like the prices of other nitrogen fertilizers which are on sale, namely: on the basis of the cost of production on the one hand and on the basis of market forces of demand and supply the other. Our ambition is to offer a product, the final utilization efficiency of which is contributed not only by quality characteristics, but alo the purchase price in comparison to conventional granular nitrogen fertilizers. Agropolychim AD constantly maintain an official product pricelist (, as based on a specific request, they form an individual price and delivery terms: frm the production site, supply points or consumption points.

III-  Applicaition  – the Agrochemistry and Soil Science Department, which offers gratuitous agronomic services, works towards improving communication between the company and consumers of mineral fertilizers and specialists with whom the same work, as we are at your constant disposal for dialogue on both application of UAN and consulting and building a comprehensive model for precise fertilization tailored to the need of every crop, developing a comprehensive technology for growing crops and perennials, correct soil sampling, preparing soil analysis, interpreting results of soil analysis and making recommendations for soil characteristic improvement, field inspection of seed producing crops and comprehensive consulting on preparation and production process.

For more information please contact the Sales Department at email:; tel .: +359519 97 537, and Agrochemistry and Soil Science Department  at email:; tel .: +359519 97 554; mob .: +359 882 46 52 58.

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