The product range of Agropolychim AD is expanded by new liquid combined fertilizers

In May the market will welcome the new liquid fertilizers, production by Agropolychim AD under the trade name FAS and FAST+
The two main lines include developments for basic and nutritional fertilization. FAST fertilizers include NPK 10:10:10, 6:12:12, 5:15:10 and PK 16:16. In such content they may fully satisfy the need of basic and vegetative nutrition of all types of cultures. When combined with liquid nitrogen (UAN), in field production, these fertilizers may by applies via specialized equipment for the application of liquid fertilizers, via sprinklers or irrigation systems.


The second line includes a solution of micro elements, developed for four main groups of cultures: FAST+ for cereals, oil-producing, vegetables and permanent crops. The content of each of the fertilizers, according the plants group we have combined micro- and macro elements that facilitate the provision of specific nutrients. They are suitable for application during the vegetation period, when shortage of nutrients is established.
The FAST and FAST+ fertilizers are produced chemically, in reactors, with added chelated micro elements. The solutions are crystal clear and do not cause sedimentation. That facilitates easier application, with not need for stirring before use. One of their characteristics is that they do not clog the nozzles of irrigation sprinklers.

Innovative, effective fast-acting, the liquid fertilizers by Agropolychim AD are the right choice for modern farmers who strive for large amounts of high quality yields.
In 2015 Agropolychim AD presented its cooperative experiment with Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute in the town of Plovdiv. The goal of the experiment was to test the impact on liquid formulations of mineral fertilizers on tomatoes and peppers and to make a comparison to the conventional way of fertilization and the way it impacts the biological reactions of plants.
Within the experiment we tested the effect of four different formulations of mineral fertilizers from the company product list – FAST:
NPK 10:10:10, 5:15:10,  6:12:12 and PK 16:16. All variants were compared against the control variant. The amount of mineral fertilizers is defined based on the agrochemical analysis of the soil before the onset of the experiment.
The treatment was done during the most important phases of plant development – after striking root, during blooming, at the beginning of fruit formation and 14 days thereafter, in a working solution 1:2 with water. The basic indicators relevant to the testing are biometry, productivity, quality and infestation by harmful organisms.

After the tests, observations and analyses it was discovered that all four formulations of liquid fertilizers have positive impact on the basic quality indicators in the plants (tomatoes and peppers).


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