Agropolychim received the first ever shipment of blue ammonia to Europe

Agropolychim received the first ever shipment of blue ammonia to Europe

On 27 June, the LPG tanker Kallo owned by the Belgian company Exmar docked at the Port of Varna West with the first commercial shipment of blue ammonia to Europe. The material was produced by the Saudi company Ma’aden and was destined for the Agropolychim fertilizer plant located in the town of Devnya. This delivery turns the company into a pioneer in in the EU in terms of fertilizer production with low carbon footprint.

In early July, the company plans to launch to market one of the most demanded nitrogen fertilizers by farmers – ammonium nitrate with reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) content. This is another competitive advantage of Agropolychim and a contribution to its ambitions to be the undisputable leader in the fertilizer market during the process of transformation to a low carbon economy.

In the early morning hours of the day, the hosts from Agropolychim and their guests from Ma’aden and Farphos arrived at the port to welcome the tanker.

A massive thank you to all our colleagues and partners who came from Saudi Arabia and Lebanon to celebrate this significant event!

“Thanks to the collaboration with our partners from Saudi Arabia, we are the first in Europe to start producing ammonium nitrate with reduced CO2 content. We will prioritize selling it to the farmers who supply us with straw for steam generation. The steam is then used in our manufacturing process without any negative impact on the environment”, remarked Mr. Philippe Rombaut, co-owner and CEO at Agropolychim AD.

“We are entering a period of intense investment by chemical industry and innovation aimed to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint and achieve sustainable production. Agropolychim has the ambition to be at the forefront of the successful companies, which will drive this green transition”, declared Mr. Rombaut.


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