Agropolychim’s new investment ensures supply of high-quality European liquid nitrogen fertilizer

Agropolychim AD and Afer Bulgaria ltd. are making another long-term investment to ensure the quality of the supply of UAN 32% liquid nitrogen fertilizer and UAN 28% + 5 S liquid nitrogen fertilizer with sulphur. The company is purchasing new road tankers from Italy, which are expected to arrive in Devnya at the end of September.

The configuration of the new tankers has been entrusted to the SANTI and MENCI brands and is fully adapted to the specificities of transporting the entire range of liquid fertilizers. A special material with enhanced insulation properties ensures that the liquid fertilizer does not crystallise when temperature drops, and a reinforced coating protects the product inside the tank in summer heat and other temperature ranges.

The tankers have top-of-the-range equipment that allows product quality control from the time of sampling by Agropolychim’s Central Testing Laboratory until the time of supply to the customer.



According to Mr Vladimir Teoharev, Logistics Director at Agropolychim AD, the investment will significantly enhance the company’s logistical capability and ensure optimal and economically sound supply process. Maintaining and managing its own specialised stock will be a powerful tool against compromising the quality of the liquid nitrogen on delivery due to the use of unsuitable vehicles, container cleanliness issues or unwanted external influences during supply.

Agropolychim is the only producer of liquid nitrogen fertilizer in Bulgaria. The product provides a precisely formulated solution for nitrogen fertilization with up to 30% less nitrogen (N) losses compared to ammonium nitrate and urea. As a result, interest in the product is growing every year. To meet market demand and adapt to the rapidly changing business environment, the company has invested in a comprehensive UAN and UAN + S supply service. The new tankers, which will provide additional unloading facilities – equipment for both gravity unloading and the use of transfer pumps – will reach Agropolychim’s partners in Bulgaria by the end of the year. GPS software will continuously monitor the movement of the trucks, further strengthening control at every stage of delivery.

Together with previous investments, the investment in its own liquid nitrogen logistics warehouse is in line with the company’s understanding of sustainable development, high-end product quality, environmental compatibility and economic viability.

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