First spring for kindergarten “Zdravets”, town of Devnya

A solemn ceremony was held on 22 March, Thursday, from 10:30 hours in Devnya, district of Povelyanovo for the opening of the renovated kindergarten Zdravets. The repairs of the children’s establishment is a part of the values of Agropolychim to take care of the inhabitants of the town and of what is of significance for them. The Mayor of the Municipality, Svilen Shitov, the Executive Director of Agropolychim AD (JSC), Philip Rombaut, the Director of Kindergarten Zdravets, Lilyana Stefanova, pedagogues and others will attend the event.

Within the framework of 12 months the management of Agropolychim AD invested over 100 000 BGN in activities for the sanitization of the kindergarten: assembly of new joinery, heating insulation of external walls, painting, electric power repair activities.

As a socially responsible company, Agropolychim pursues a sustainable policy, with which it invests both in the infrastructure and in the education of Devnya District. At the end of 2016 the Mayor Svilen Shitov and the Executive Director of Agropolychim Philip Rombaut agreed on key issues of significance for the inhabitants of Devnya and most of all for the inhabitants of the district of Povelyanovo. Agropolychim, the local power and the public of the town officially discussed efficient perspectives where the inhabitants of Devnya are a leading priority for the Company, inclusive of with regard to the recruitment of manpower.         

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