Innovations in Agropolychim decrease the emissions far under the admissible levels

Agropolychim AD (JSC) is in the process of implementation of one of its most large-scale projects: “Replacement of reactors for oxidation of ammonia” for the production of nitric acid.

With this investment process the existing four reactors for production of nitric acid will be replaced by two equal in capacity and useful area. The weight of one reactor along with the cupola is 156,450 t, and its useful diameter is 6 m.

The reactors represent apparatuses with a complicated engineering-technical solution, which a chemical process of oxidation of ammonia over a catalyst package of precious metals to a mixture of nitrogen oxides and utilization of the heat from the reaction for production of heat energy is performed in.

The advantage of the modern structure of the reactors is the exceptionally improved efficiency of the ammonia on the one hand, and on the other hand – the high degree of utilization of the reaction heat.

The new structure allows for significant decrease of the emissions of nitrous oxide – far under the admissible levels. The most modern and innovative designer’s solutions were used in the production of the new reactors, as a result of which the energy efficiency of workshop “Nitric Acid” will be improved to a significant degree and the obtained heat energy will be used both for the needs of the production itself and within the framework of Agropolychim AD.

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